Mission & Philosophy


Akiba Yavneh Academy (AYA) is a Modern Orthodox, co-ed, early
childhood through 12th grade college-preparatory school dedicated to
providing an academically excellent and values-based General and
Judaic education to Jewish students of all backgrounds to inspire a
lifelong love of Torah, higher learning, and the State of Israel.


At Akiba Yavneh Acaedmy we strive to educate the whole child by
recognizing the unique potential of each student, fostering a culture
of respect and kindness, and encouraging a sense of community in
our school. We pursue excellence with a rigorous dual curriculum while
celebrating the diversity in our community of learners by providing
innovative and differentiated learning opportunities, as school
resources allow, to address each student’s developmental needs. Our
students achieve distinction in leading universities and yeshivot after
graduating AYA.

At Akiba Yavneh, academic excellence is built upon high expectations based on individual student profiles, a meaningfully integrated curriculum, a culture of collaboration, and a commitment to community outreach. Guiding the actions of our faculty, staff, students and parents is rooted in promoting integrity, caring, responsibility and respect. Together, these factors ensure Akiba graduates are today’s accomplished, innovative thinkers and tomorrow’s compassionate problem-solvers and leaders.

AYA Educational Goals

Promote Belief

To promote the belief that the acquisition of all knowledge, both Judaic and general, is intrinsically valuable and is essential to the growth of our students.


To ensure a lasting commitment to Torah learning, ethical behavior and the observance of mitzvot.

Land and State of Israel

To imbue a love for both the land and the State of Israel and a mastery and appreciation of Hebrew through its study and application.


To inspire lifelong learners whose commitment to the pursuit of knowledge is coupled with a deep passion for scholarship.


To develop individuals who possess a strong sense of responsibility and empathy for Klal Yisrael and society as a whole.

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