College Counseling

College Planning

The College Counseling program recognizes the needs of each of its students and families and the obligations of the school to give individual guidance preparing our students for an appropriate and meaningful plan after graduation.  What is right for one may not be right for another.


Akiba Yavneh Academy educates its students and parents on colleges and college admission standards, procedures, and trends.  The school facilitates the students’ application process by advocating on their behalf in the form of a comprehensive letter of recommendation and by providing the colleges with accurate and complete information on the students’ qualifications for admission.  There is a standard set that there is an unbiased regard for a broad spectrum of colleges and it is our goal to evaluate each college’s appropriateness for the individual student in terms of size, type, affiliation, religious life, reputation, and selectivity.


The role of the college guidance counselor is to provide a variety of tools and information for the student to make intelligent decisions, process the application, and tackle the issues with which the student may be confronted.  It is the role of the student to ask probing questions while delving into the college process.


Preparing to apply for college is a four-year process that begins in ninth grade and continues throughout a student’s high school years.  Yavneh works hard to assist students and their families as they navigate the college admissions process.  It is our goal to really understand each student as vibrant individuals.  Each has a different set of interests and goals and it is our responsibility to challenge our students as they determine priorities and fit.  This individualized approach will set them on the right course.

College Acceptances

AYA students have been accepted to over 125 colleges and universities around the world.

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AYA prides itself on the individualized approach.  Students who graduate go on to a variety of colleges and university programs throughout the country, Israel, and other parts of the world.