Middle School

Our Middle School offers a rigorous academic program in conjunction with a strong focus on social emotional development. Our small student to teacher ratio allows for personalized attention geared to set each child up for success. Our curricula focus on skill building and higher order thinking
We offer honors level courses for mathematics, English/ Language Arts and Hebrew Language. A student’s full course load includes, ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, Hebrew, Chumah, Navi and Oral Law. In addition to physical education, students have the choice of a wide array of electives that change each trimester. Some popular electives are art, martial arts, cooking, and yearbook. There are also after school athletics including basketball, volleyball and soccer. We have a strong student council that designs engaging programs and opportunities throughout the school year.
Middle school students are each a part of an advisory, which becomes their home away from home. The advisor forms strong bonds with each of the students and is there to support them. During advisory, students work on organization, cyber safety, building community and other topics that impact adolescent life.
Our students learn to be independent and responsible members of their community. We have several memorable experiences including a school Shabbaton, Latke Wars, Color War, and overnight trips culminating with our annual 8th Grade Israel Experience.

Need more information?

Contact our K-8 Principals Rabbi Chanania Englesman or Danielle Gershon-Rothenberg at 214.295.3400.