Support Specialists

Meet our Team!

Amanda Walker, Director

Bonnie Atkins, Humanities Interventionist

Jasmin Hunter, Behavior Support Assistant

Julie Averbauch, Resource Teacher

Lisa Berry, Science Interventionist

Dr. Justin Rudleson, Structured Learning Specialist

Maayan Naim, Hebrew Interventionist

Mary Willia, Support Specialist

Michelle Mullens, Speech & Language Interventionist

Rebecca Blomer, Gifted and Talented Specialist

Rebecca Steinfeld, Inclusion Teacher

Shanee Kearns, Structured Learning Specialist

Shannon Katz, Dyslexia Therapist

Susan Rapoport, Math Interventionist

Yael Stromer, Language Arts/Reading and Judaic Interventionist

Celeste Dominguez, Science Interventionist

Melody Garrison, Math & Science Interventionist

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